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Font Psychology Revisited

Hi there. Today we're building upon a previous blog post. Font psychology is the study of how different fonts impact emotions. Understanding how a font can be interpreted can go a long way in picking the right font for your marketing and branding decisions. Below, I will show the emotions associated with the major font categories.

You can't make a great ad without good typography. —Anonymous

Font Category Emotions

Serif fonts – formality, authority, trust, and respect (Ex Fonts: Sanchez, Arvo)

Sans Serif fonts sophistication, trust, modernity, and simplicity (Ex Fonts: Montserrat, Nexa)

Script fonts creativity, femininity, whimsy, and stability (Ex Fonts: Sacramento, Great Vibes)

Decorative fonts quirky, originality, flexibility, and chivalry (Ex Fonts: Six Caps, Coco Biker Heavy)

Thank you for reading. What are your favorite font categories? Share in the comments below. Info cited from IG: @kizkopop_. Reminder that I offer a FREE one on one preliminary session with me to discuss all of your design needs. Click here to book the session.


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