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Generalization vs. Specialization

Good design is good business. — Thomas Watson, Jr.

Hello again! This morning I'll fill you in by briefly comparing and contrasting generalization and (vs) specialization as a business strategy.

What is Generalization?

Generalization is something that is not specifically adapted to a particular environment or function.

What is Specialization?

Specialization is an adaptation to a specific function or environment.


Compare & Contrast


Oftentimes, the decision will come down to how you want your business to be perceived as well as what the end goal is.

As long as you understand what you have to gain and lose from each strategy, you'll be well prepared to make an informed decision on whether to generalize or specialize your business.


Thank you for reading my take on this subject. If you've felt stuck or feel to tighten some screws, inform, decide and take action within either of these strategies.

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