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Length Matters

Hi there. Today we're covering why your length matters in regards to the word copy you use when creating content. I will give quick tips on the amount of words to use in your copy according to certain platforms.

Information is only useful when it can be understood. —Muriel Cooper


1,500 words for articles to fit within SEO standards

Google Pages

Title: 60 characters

Meta: 160 characters

One Paragraph

3–4 Lines

One line of text

12 words

Email Subject lines

50 characters max

Podcast Episodes

22 minutes


Match your content with the run time

Thank you for reading. The biggest takeaway to remember is to keep your content concise and to the point. These are just important elements to make it what you want. Info cited from IG: @itsjulekim. Reminder that I offer a FREE one on one preliminary session with me to discuss all of your design needs. Click here to book the session.


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