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Let's Talk Segmentation

Info source: Creative Strategy & the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

Hi there. Today I'd like to briefly discuss another left-brained side of design strategy called "segmentation".

Good design encourages a viewer to want to learn more. —Alexander Isley

Segmentation/segmenting refers to dividing your target into groups based on specific characteristics.

Some of the specific characteristics are:

  • Demographics

  • Target's life stage

  • Psychographics (the study of a target's interest, attitudes and opinions)

  • The behaviors and actions a target takes


"Why is it important?"

Segmentation allows a person to sort out what is relevant to the individuals. This makes your message relate to each target audience.

For example: You wouldn't talk to a 35 year-old adult and a 12 year-old kid in the same way. However, what they do have in common is that they both love video games.

Therefore, because of their different life stages, media consumption, etc., you would need to develop messaging tailored to them in order to advertise specifically to each demographic.


What job positions are concerned with this?

Creative directors, senior designers and writers should all be knowledgeable of segmentation. Anyone involved with pitching an idea or looking for new business will need to understand segmentation and its strategic relevance to creative execution.


Thank you for reading. I hope you better understand and will apply segmentation in your future endeavors. Don't hesitate to share with others this idea!

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