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Navigating Your Social Media

Hi there, everyone. Today I'd like to briefly discuss why having a visual strategy is vital for your social media presence.

Understanding the mood you want to convey on social media is an important step in defining your visual identity. Taryn Oshiro-Wachi


So that means the visual aesthetics that go along with your social media captions are just as important, if not, more. Surprisingly, creating eye-catching and branded social media designs isn't complicated. However, it can feel like a lot of heavy lifting if you don't have a clear idea and strategy of what content you'd like to post.


Define Your Visual Brand

First, you'll need to compose defined visual content for your brand. Pull together colors, typefaces, and other design elements that you'd like to use consistently for your posts.

Create a Social Media Style Guide

A style guide helps keeps your social media posts consistent, which is key for making your social media posts recognizable to your followers and others.

Create a Set of Templates

Templated for certain types of posts are key to keeping your social media on brand.

Collect Visual Files

Think of the visual files as a collection of all kinds of social media design inspiration for your brand.

Invest Time in Creating Custom Graphics

It's worth spending some time taking photos and creating graphics that are in alignment with the kinds of images you want to share on social media.


Thank you for reading. Now is a great time to get started understanding and taking action to the vital aspect of your social media presence.

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