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The 7 Font Rules

Hi there. Today we're covering why fonts matter. Font choice is undoubtedly crucial in the communication of your brand. Check out some tips I found for beefing up your font decisions.

You can't make a great ad without good typography. —Anonymous

  1. Branding – A font you select should carry the character and spirit of your brand. So it will be imperative to match the font style with the brand's character.

  2. Legibility It's always a good idea to pick fonts that are legible otherwise viewers will look over what you're promoting.Also, choose fonts that work well in multiple sizes.

  3. Serif vs Sans Both serif and sans serif fonts work well online. Generally sans fonts are good for readers with certain visual impairments and for children. However, serif fonts read easier for long text copies.

  4. Font Family A font family is how many different styles and weights are available for a font. When choosing a font for your designs, you need to know how large a font family needs to be to meet your brand standards.

  5. Limit Your Fonts Avoid using more than 2–3 fonts in your design. Each time when you think you need a new font, play with different font sizes for existing fonts.

  6. Avoid Similar Fonts Don't use identical fonts in your branding because they're likely to clash. Instead, use multiple fonts to create visual diversity.

  7. Create Contrast Ideally, your font combos should create visual harmony. Combine the two fonts and establish a clear hierarchy between the two. One font should be more prominent than the other. Choose different sizes and weights.

Thank you for reading. What are your favorite fonts and font pairs? Share in the comments below. These are just important elements to make it what you want. Info cited from IG: @fabiocanvacoach. Reminder that I offer a FREE one on one preliminary session with me to discuss all of your design needs. Click here to book the session.


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