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What Makes An Effective Landing Page?

Info source: Marketing Examples

Hello again! Today I'd like you to join me and tune in as I briefly discuss what I learned (and you will learn too) about what makes an effective landing page.

Great design is eliminating all unnecessary details. —Mihn D. Tran

What is a landing page?

A landing page is a standalone web page that a person "lands" on after clicking through an email, ad, or other digital location. I'm sure you've come across a landing page or 2 in your time on the internet.

What you'll need to begin creating an effective landing page:

Title/Headline - Use your title to explain the value your product or service provides.

Subtitle/Subhead - The subhead will reinforce the value by elaborating on how you deliver the value (keep this to a short sentence).

Call to Action (CTA) - The "Call to Action" should be a button that encourages the site visitor to engage (i.e. "Try for Free Now", "Explore Today", or "Subscribe Here").

Social Proof - This is another awesome opportunity to provide the viewer proof of your value. This can be shown via statistics, client testimonials, awards, accomplishments, etc.

Visuals - Everyone loves and are more influenced by visuals, so it's highly recommended you show off your work or products via images, videos, etc.


Extras: Go above & beyond. Now is the time.

Features & Objections - This will justify the title and subtitle by explaining how your product works and/or the process of your service provided.

FAQ - There's always commons questions or inquiries that you'll come across, so provide the visitors answers to their questions, before they even think to reach out to ask.

Founder's Note - Here is a great opportunity to open up and become even more personable with the viewer. Perhaps you can provide a link to your "About" page, a video explaining your business' journey or origins, or even just a personalized/custom note with your signature at the end.


Thank you for reading! If you're considering implementing this strategy and element, please do take these steps to creating an effective, beautiful and successful landing page. Don't hesitate to share with others this idea or if you have questions regarding this! Best wishes.

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