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On a daily basis we are bombarded by logos. They’re on our clothes, our phones, and pretty much everywhere we look. Logos are the silent ambassador of your brand.


Develop a responsive website to promote and manage a service, product, or cause. JI Desings offers a website design package. Click below to discover the details.

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Branding is very essential to promoting a business, event, or cause. With solid branding you will be able to communicate who you are and what you are able to provide to potential clients. 


Before working with Jonathan, I was struggling with brand clarity and a defined logo. Jonathan’s process blew me away. He is so talented and professional. If we hadn’t worked together, I would still be using a logo from Canva and not have well defined brand for my business.

Working with Jonathan of JI Designs was my first time hiring a graphic designer and it was the best experience I could've asked for. As a recording/performance artist it was important to me that I got my visual branding right for the single I was releasing. What was most impressive about him was even before starting a design that Jonathan spent time learning all about who I was an as artist in order to create mood boards, pick fonts, and color palettes that matched me. Jonathan paid the utmost attention to detail in the pre-design, so that once he began making the cover art, his creativity really shinned through and I ended up with a product I was very happy with.

I have worked with Jonathan for some time now so I know what to expect and how he works, which is why I hired him. As a team we had to be very clear, specific about what we wanted and it was very important to present visual ideas and examples.

Working with Jonathan Irving has been a wonderful experience. I've been working with Jonathan over the past 2 years on various projects including website design and editing photographs and he has always produced great work. What I especially love about working with him is his work ethic. He always delivers on time and responds quickly to emails and phone calls. I have referred him to several clients and friends and never have to worry about anything. He is highly professional and would represent anyones brand very well.  It is an honor to work with him.


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JI Designs LLC is a graphic design business in between the past and future striving to stay forever present.


JI Designs LLC is focused on true service to DIY individuals, entrepreneurs, serviced based organizations and businesses. Graphic design and brand strategy is the service vehicle 🚗
used to connect with the world.


I bridge the gap between your vision and functional design. How I help you is through direct communication & sound strategy with clients; and finally I deliver great design execution.

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