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Essential Brand Elements

Hi there. Today we're revisiting the essential elements every brand should have.

Design is the silent ambassador of your brand. —Paul Rand


A brand is a public image, reputation or identity conceived of as something to be marketed or promoted.


First, every brand needs a logo. Without it, it's hard to identify a brand. Therefore, it's the most important element of your brand.

Color Palette

Next, get your color palette together. Colors are key because they highlight your values and personality.


Shape contributes to your overall brand as well. Not only shapes in your logo, but also the shapes in/on your business cards, website, social media, etc.


Taglines/slogans are at the forefront of your brand messaging. Make sure to keep them simple, short and memorable.

Thank you for reading. The essentials elements of design should steer you in the direction of of executing your dream brand. These are just important elements to make it what you want. To execute what you want... Reminder that I offer a FREE one on one preliminary session with me to discuss all of your design needs. Click here to book the session.


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