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How a Brand Ladder Is Used to Build a Brand

Info source: Creative Strategy & the Business of Design by Douglas Davis

Hello there. Today I'd like to briefly discuss what I learned (and you will learn too, shortly) about an important brand strategy tool: The brand ladder.

Creativity takes courage. —Henri Matisse

Think of a brand ladder as your foundation of your brand strategy. The idea is to build from the ground up.

Here are the steps of this ladder:

First, you start with the features (or attributes of a brand) that express the tangible aspects of what a brand is.

Second, you add the corresponding benefits to the target consumer.

Next, identify and list the values the target uses to make decisions about whatever it is that your brand is selling.

Lastly, combine all of your info into a positioning statement.


"Why is it important?" You may ask...

The brand ladder is a valuable tool that indeed helps connect the brand and the target. When using the brand ladder technique, a designer can ensure that he/she is creating in the voice of the brand within what is relevant to the target they're trying to reach. With a sound brand ladder connecting the brand and target, creative people can take risks that are rooted firmly in relevance.


What job positions are concerned with this?

Creative directors, senior designers can and will use the brand ladder. Anyone involved with pitching an idea, or looking for new business will need to understand these elements because of the strategic relevance to successful creative execution.


Thank you for reading. I hope you better understand and will consider and apply the brand ladder in your future endeavors for building your brand from the ground up. Don't hesitate to share with others this idea or if you have questions.

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